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Optiflex is an all-in-one primary and secondary breakdown sawline. It processes logs and cants, through an integrated merry-go-round system. Logs and cants are scanned and optimised. This unique feature makes it ideal for small to medium size units, where single-operator operation will be key.

Optiflex can process very short logs, depending on the cutting machine selected (twin band saw, chipper-canter, circular saw). Excellent productivity and high recovery factor are combined in a very flexible and cost-efficient system.

  • Optiflex
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  • Logs and cants
  • Length : 0.8m and up
  • Log size : depends on selected cutting machine

  • Main features
  • Automatic log and cant in-line scanning
  • Real-time volume or value computer optimisation
  • Automatic positioning of the cutting machine (Twin or quad band-saw, canter, circular saw)
  • Integrated merry-go-round for cants



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