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Solologs is a modern optimisation system designed to bring true-shape scanning optimisation to medium-sized sawmills. Its small size makes it very well suited to be retrofit into an existing sawing line. While retaining the existing cutting machines, yield and productivity can be brought to a new and higher level.

This makes Solologs a very cost-efficient solution: low investment and high recovery brings new life to existing sawlines. Solologs may be used in similar condition as end-doggers but will allow for higher recovery.

  • Solologs
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  • Logs
  • Length : 0.8 m and up

  • Main features
  • Longitudinal log turning rollers
  • True-shape scanning
  • Real-time, volume or value-based computer optimisation
  • Automatic positioning of the cutting machine (Chipper canter, twin or quad band-saw, circular saw)


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