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Optimisation increases performance at SGUARIO (Brazil)


SGUARIO is a family company located in Sao Paulo area, in Brazil. It processes annually 40.000 m³ of pine Taeda and Elliotis, mainly for mouldings and laminated and edged-glued panels.
Its production tool is based on a logyard where logs are presorted, then cut in batches by a twin band saw, followed by several resaw machines.

thumb_entre_twin_reduit.jpgThis twin band saw is set at a fixed dimension for each batch, and the analysis made by Ciris Engineering showed that the infeed table used, combined with the lack of saw positioning, generated a serious loss of raw material.

This is why Ciris Engineering studied and carried out a modernisation of this head equipment, aiming at optimising the raw material while preserving the sawmill current operating mode, i.e. sawing a fixed cant thickness for each batch.

The solution implemented by Ciris Engineering is composed of three main elements:

  • Modernisation of the infeed table by installing an accurate sharp-chain, a serie of top rollers to maintain the log in position on the chain;
  • Addition of a scanner accurately measuring the log position with respect to the chain ("offset");
  • Modernisation of the twin band saw, by addition of two hydraulic positioners.

The control system measures the log position, chooses the best sawing pattern and adjusts the saws position.


After several months of operation, one can note a significant raw material increase.
A modernisation at moderate cost which brings back a high performance level to an old installation.

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