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Strengh: Raw material recovery optimization systems

Разработка систем по оптимизации сырья 

  • thumb_realog_st_st_p12reduit.jpgto optimise raw material use and sawing patterns
  • to optimise various types of machines
  • to build optimised production plannings
  • to simulate the impact of changes in the mill layout, in log purchase prices or products sales prices

Consulting services: solid wood, biomass

Консалтинговые услуги

  • to make a technical diagnosis of an existing plant and define possible improvement
  • to imagine new transformation processes and evaluate them from both a technical and economical standpoint
  • to make new or modified machines construction drawings

Turnkey deliveries / Проекты под ключ

CIRIS Engineering studies, designs, calculates, and starts-up any primary of secondary processing production unit such as:thumb_trieur_p3reduit.jpg

  • log yards 
  • sawing lines
  • sorting and stacking lines
  • biomass yards


This includes managing all technical aspects:

  • mechanics
  • electrical equipment
  • computers and optimisation
  • delivery time and project management

This complete control over a project allows us to give you guarantied results with respect to the final performance of your mill.

CIRIS Engineering will also bring to your project:

  • a high degree of flexibility when designing and building your equipment (for example local manufacturing)
  • perfect integration of new equipment within existing one, if applicable
  • engineers that speak your language (French, English, Spanish) and exhaustive training

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