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Sawmill engineering studyOur goal when performing consulting work is to differentiate you from your competition and increase your competitiveness on your markets. Our action fits within your projects of sawmill creation or modernisation. Our main idea is to start first with creating or optimizing the right transformation process, and then make the right choices in terms of layout and machinery.

Creating a new process is done based on your way of using raw material to fit both your markets and your financial capacity to fit yours markets, your financial capacity and your strategy. It is a fundamental and decisive element of your project success, and it will allow you to reach your goals quickly.

We propose a wide range of consulting jobs, which can be grouped in 3 categories: process engineering for defining concepts, detailed engineering for designing specific pieces of machinery and construction engineering for managing mill construction.

Process engineering

Process diagnosis
  • we perform an analysis of your existing mill, and suggest improvements.
Feasibility study
  • technical and financial evaluation of a project feasibility, return on investment calculation.
Process study
  • transformation process creation, mill layout definition according to previously defined functionality.

Detailed engineering

Layout engineering
  • design of mill floor layout, according to process definition as done in process engineering.
Machine design and construction
  • design of new machines, when transformation process requires a machine not available on the market.
Software design

tailor-made software of all type can be developed:

  • raw material optimisation,
  • production planning and management.


Construction engineering

Specification definition
  • production of detailed technical specifications for a mill project, assistance in equipment purchase and negotiation.
Project management
  • management of a complete construction project.
Performance verification
  • assistance in verifying performance guarantied by a supplier.

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