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Realog is a revolutionary log breakdown system. Based on a true-shape scan of the external surface of each log, it can predict internal quality to improve value recovery. The optimised cutting pattern is adjusted in accordance with quality zones within the log.

Each grade zone is used for the best product size in agreement with the sawmill orders and production requirements.
Realog can be used in many types of sawmills, combining high throughput with very high recovery factor

  • Realog





  • Logs or cants
  • Length : 2 m and up
  • Log size : depends on selected cutting machine

  • Main features
  • High speed and high accuracy sharp chain
  • True-shape scanning (3D)
  • Predictive grade optimisation (Expert system)
  • Real-time volume or value-based computer optimisation
  • Automatic positioning of the cutting machine (Chipper canter, twin or quad band-saw, circular saw)


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