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FINSA : Oscant goes fully automatic and true-shape

CIRIS Engineering has installed a new optimisation system on the cant edging station at FINSA's sawmill in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. This decision was motivated by a need for increased production as well as better yield, and lead FINSA to look for an innovative solution.

FINSA - Oscant - Click to enlargeThe existing semi-automatic OSCANT package was also performing cutting pattern optimisation of the cant and controlled the chipping heads. However, width information and cant skewing was done based on information supplied by an operator.
The move to fully automatic operation brought to FINSA :
     - optimised and automatic cant skewing
     - full optimisation of cutting pattern, using real shape of the cant, as provided by true-shape laser sensors
Final result : higher throughput and better raw material recovery !

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