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Oscant is a secondary breakdown system. It processes cants, and aims at recovering the maximum value out the raw material, regardless of the size of your operation, by introducing computer optimisation whether a scanner is used or not.

Oscant can be used in all types of sawmills, and has different levels of scanning accuracy and piece count. High productivity and high yield are combined in a very cost-efficient system.

  • Oscant 3200 or 5200
  • oscant1.jpg


  • Two sided cants

  • Main features
  • Cant measurement : automatic using true-shape laser scanning or semi-automatic, using laser lines controlled by operator
  • Real-time value computer optimisation
  • Optimised cant orientation
  • Automatic positioning of the cutting machine (Twin band saw, chipper-canter, circular saw)
  • Possible pith positioning (green line on sketch)


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