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Oscar : optimizador para carro tronco
Oscar is an optimising system for log-carriage type headrigs. Based on the latest true shape technologies, Oscar measures logs with a high degree of accuracy, calculates the optimal opening face and the best sawing pattern, then positions wood at full speed before entering the cut. The precision and the regularity of the solutions provided by Oscar make it possible to increase yield, productivity and value.
Regardless of the specie, production type or equipment used, Oscar is easy to install and lets the operator focus on quality issues. More generally, information provided by Oscar will improve production management as it will provide better basic data.

  • Oscar




  • Logs
  • Log size and length: depends on selected cutting machine

  • Main features
  • Industrial-strength scan heads, laser-based
  • Real-time optimisation, industrial grade computer
  • Touch-screen for user interface and LCD flat screen (17"), located near or within operator console
  • Log scaling (optional)
  • Saw blade deviation display and recording

  • Operation
  • Once a log has been dogged, carriage starts moving toward the saw. Scan heads take real-shape measurement of front face as the carriage is moving. Optimisation and carriage knees positining takes place before leading end of log arrives in the saw.
  • Carriage is set so that desired opening face is obtained very accurately and with a very high repeatability.
  • Cutting pattern is shown on screen, and display is adjusted as further cuts are made. Oscar connects to existing setworks so that operator does not have to perform sets.

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