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Delta 2000

DELTA 2000 is a set of fast and powerful tools, dedicated to sawmilling operations, developed for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP. They allow every sawmill or production manager to analyse, optimise, simulate and prepare an optimised production plan based on current pending orders.

The DELTA 2000 range is the perfect tool for the small and medium-sized companies. Its powerful features make it equally useful in larger facilities. The various modules allow complying with everyone's specific needs.

  • Calculator
  • For manual design of sawing patterns for a given log
  • Easily develop new cutting patterns for a given log
  • Accurate calculation of Volume and Value recovery
  • Totally WYSIWIG, with graphical printed output
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  • Optimisator
  • Builds a database of all possible sawing patterns
  • Graphical display, yields for all types of products, financial data
  • Performs search and sort on the database to find the best cutting pattern
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  • Simulator
  • Simulation of complete log diameter distribution
  • Calculate accurately global recovery, and provide detailed production reports
  • Complete production cost calculation
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  • Programmator
  • Prepare an optimised production plan
  • Automatically match orders and available logs, per diameter and length
  • Detailed production plan with:
  • Cutting patterns
  • Log usage
  • Volume production, running time
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